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SPECIAL REPORT: Protection from Geotagging


Would you give out your home address to strangers on the street?  Some people are doing it everyday and they don't even realize it.

It's called geotagging and it's basically a location attached to a picture, video or website.

The trend has been in the news for some time, so it's surprising that so many people are still in the dark when it comes to protecting themselves.

Erin Fletcher is a mother of two and she had no idea she was giving information about her children to strangers.

"Terrified," she said. "Unfortunately in today's society something is always a worry but to know that i'm enabling it is even more fearful."

"With everyone having smart phones and things of that nature, they don't realize they take a picture and upload it,  they want everyone to see it but there's information attached to that picture the latitude and longitude, and see where you are when you took that picture and the time frame that you were there," said Matt Clayton, retail store manager for Verizon. 

He said one app allowed him to see where people on Twitter were located and he doesn't even have a Twitter account.

We put geotagging to the test.

She took a picture at our building in Columbus, put the photo into a program she downloaded off the internet and instantly found the latitude and longitude.

Through Google maps she pinpointed where the photo was taken and got the street level of the location.

People don't realize instead of finding the news building, strangers could be tracking their homes.

There's an easy fix.

If you have an iPhone, go to settings, location services, turn the location completely off,  or you can pick a certain app and just turn that one off.

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