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Clean up begins after Thursday's storm damage


Strong winds and heavy rain hit Columbus and east Alabama Thursday afternoon.

Ryan Skolnic said the water outside his Plateau Drive home in Columbus flooded the road in minutes. The rain water covered the street so much that Skolnic and others had to push a vehicle out of the water.

'They stalled because of the water, and I saw them, and I saw the water was getting higher. So, I just decided to go and help them out because I didn't know if they could swim or not," said Skolnic.

At one point, he said the water was up to his waist, but he is not worried about getting out of his home anytime soon.

"I do not have anywhere to go," he said. "School is out the next week so we are good!"

After the storms, about 500 people in east Alabama were without power. By Thursday night, Alabama Power officials said power was back on for all these customers. About 1,300 in the Columbus area lost power and crews worked throughout the night to restore services.

The severe weather knocked out traffic lights, threw around debris, and tossed trees in roads, on power lines, and in some cases, on cars.

"I didn't realize it was a tree actually coming down on the fence and on my dad's truck. He had just barely got in," said Patrick Person describing the damage to his front yard in Columbus.

Person said he is just grateful part of the massive tree did not end up on his home.

"It could have actually fallen the opposite way, and it could have destroyed a lot more, but luckily it just took out the fence and a little bit of stuff," said Person.

For Person and many others, the scare is over and it is time to clean up.

"The insurance company is actually going to come out and clean the debris up and actually get an estimate of what is going on and how much damage it did," Person said.

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