Power restored to thousands in Georgia and Alabama

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Thousands of Georgia and East Alabama residents woke up in the dark Friday morning after strong winds and thunderstorms swept through the area Thursday evening.

News Leader 9 caught up with more than a dozen crews in south Columbus around 5:00 a.m. Friday as they worked to restore power to homes on Plantation Road, near South Lumpkin Road.

But, heavy debris and crews having to work through the dark presented some challenges—forcing an around the clock shift for workers.

Large tree logs and downed power and cable lines were dangling from poles—even blocked some driveways; a pick-up truck was filled with tree limbs.

Clemmie Shingles, of Oakland Park, one of the hardest hit areas in Columbus,  recalls hearing the loud booms and seeing lightning, "It was scary; I just prayed because I knew the good Lord would see us through." Shingles' home sustained roof damage from the storm.

Once the sun came up, the dozen or so crews rolled out of the area- one by one after repairing the downed lines and, in some cases, installed new power lines.

By daybreak, both Alabama Power reported having all power restored, for some, 3000 residents in all. In Georgia, 66 homes are still without power, 36 in Columbus and 30 in Manchester.

No word on when the remaining residents can expect power in their homes.