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No business like pet business


Despite economic woes, one industry is booming.

Each year, millions of dollars are spent on pampered pets. Whether it's designer clothes or collars, some of the biggest trends in the animal world are starting to become the norm.

Kelly Ewald of Personal Paws says they have any and everything you could possibly spoil your pet with, and she says business is good.

"Yeah, business is great for us," Ewald said. "The seeing it on TV, seeing pampered pooches makes people want to pamper their pooch, and that's what we're there for."

People everywhere are spending millions of dollars on their pets, and it's not just gourmet treats.

"You can buy Coach carriers, Dooney & Bourke, diamond necklaces, diamond collars, shoes, it's endless," Ewald said. "If you can get it for yourself, you can get it for your dog."

Since the installment of the "designer dog breeds" including the Yorkiepoo and Labradoodle, retailers have seen a boom in designer duds for your favorite pooch. And for those of you who want to go a little further with your furry friends' fashion, groomers will even add feather extensions and nail polish if you're willing to pay a little extra.

Rachel McDaniel owns three pit bulls, and each has several outfits.

"I dress them up in tutus," McDaniel said. "They have bandanas, pearls, collars with bows on them, bowties."

McDaniel said it's worth it, but not in the way that you might think. Before she started dressing them up, she said, people would just walk the other way, unlike how they do now when they are dressed up. She said it's because need extra positive attention from other humans as opposed to bad attention.

You can even go the extra mile, and do your pets a favor by taking them to Doggie Daycare. It's great for socialization, and can ease the bored mind of your pet while you're at work.

Think all this extra special treatment is bad for the dog? Dr. LeFranc at 2nd Avenue Animal Hospital says otherwise.

"They give love, their love is unconditional, so our love back should be unconditional, as well, so I think it's great," Dr. LeFranc said. "We pamper ourselves, why not pamper our pets?"

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