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Virus could cause your Internet to not work


Thousands of people across the United States may wake up on Monday without the Internet, and it is all because of a piece of computer malware called DNS Changer.

Whether it is for work or connecting with friends, millions of people across the country are always on the Internet.

"Everyday. I am retired and have lots of time for it," said Mary Ellen Mathies, describing how much she surfs online.

Many people do not know what they would do if their computer would not let them log on to the Internet.

"I would pretty much not be able to do anything I guess. I would not be able to do any research whatsoever. I think I would cry," said Bethany Devall.

That might just happen if your computer is infected with a piece of computer malware called DNS Changer.

According to a 2011 indictment, FBI agents busted a ring of computer hackers with a scam that infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world.

To fight it, the FBI redirected the infected computers from the hacker's servers to alternate servers. However, on Monday, that temporary system is shutting down.

There is a way to make sure you won't lose Internet. Go to There you can click on detect, click on If it pops up green that means your computer is okay.

If it pops up red, your computer is infected with the virus. If that is the case, there are resources on the site to help fix your computer.

While losing Internet is terrifying for many, it might not be that bad for others.

"Sometimes we get like really just plugged into the cyber world. So, I think it turns us off to some things that are actually happening right outside our door. So, I would probably pay more attention to what's going on," said Joseph Harris, an avid Internet user.

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