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EDITORIAL: Alabama Cancer Deaths


Why are women in Alabama more likely to die from lung cancer? Over a period of time the number of deaths in women due to lung cancer has been cut in half in California, while the number has doubled in Alabama. 

The lung cancer death rate in Alabama is 10 times the rate in California.  Why the huge discrepancy? 

California has done more to discourage smoking with excise taxes, by banning smoking in bars, restaurants and public places.

A lot of states have been more aggressive in encouraging smokers to quit.

Alabama and other southern and mid-western states have not been nearly as aggressive as states like California.

In this day and age we all know smoking causes lung cancer and more women in Alabama smoke cigarettes than in California.

We know it is tough to quit but it is worth the effort. Think about your family if you won't do it for yourself.

You will save a lot of money in the process from not buying cigarettes and not having huge medical bills. 


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