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EDITORIAL: National Infantry Museum



Ask any New Yorker if they've been up in the Statue of Liberty and a lot will say they never have. Ask any Bostonian if they've been on the Freedom Trail and they'll say the same. Ask anyone in the Columbus area if they've ever been to the National Infantry Museum and the answer will most often be - "No".

Well, you need to go because it's one of our country's most cherished jewels - and it's free.

Located in south Columbus, the museum is a slice of American military history, the foundation of our democracy and what it's taken to maintain and expand freedom to all Americans - and to others around the world. 

Having just celebrated their third year,  nearly every visitor comes out of the museum giving their experience 5 stars.

We encourage you and your family and friends to experience the best place in the world dedicated to the preservation of freedom - completely for free and it's all in our backyard.


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