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Little League parent attacked at game speaks to News Leader 9


A Little League baseball game turned into a brawl between parents and ended with two men facing criminal charges.

The story that is getting national attention took place in Columbus over the weekend.

News Leader 9 spoke with one of the men who said this whole incident started when he was attacked at his son's baseball game.

"In the 15 years I have been serving as the district administrator, and all the other years I have been involved, I have never had anything like that happen," said District 8 Little League Administrator Bernard Ashley.

Witnesses said this brawl started when a Northern Little League parent was playing music too loud. That's when a few parents from the Harris County team asked him to turn it down.

"I really didn't have any choice once the guy came at me but to defend myself," said Chad Davidson, who claims he was attacked. "I wasn't looking for a fight, I was out there with my friends and family playing music for the kids and somebody evidently got upset because they got beat or something, I guess."

Davidson said the other man, who is listed in police reports as Iram King, threatened to hit him, and then started in on the attack.

"I kind of crouched down and hit him like a football player would hit somebody tackling and I picked him up and put him into the fence," Davidson said. "Once I got him into the fence about three or four Harris County people came up behind me and started beating on me."

Police were able to break up the fight and gave both Davidson and King citations.

"In the state of Georgia you have the right to stand your ground," said Stacey Jackson, Chad Davidson's attorney. "If someone is attacking you, there is no duty to retreat; you can stand your ground. Mr. Davidson was just minding his own business."

But little league representatives like Ashley say the damage was already done, "We are, or I am, getting with the local Parks and Recreation to see if we can get all the parties banned from any further Little League stuff," Ashley said.

Both men were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, but neither was taken to jail. They will have a Recorder's Court hearing on August 16th.

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