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Focusing on Little League players, not the fight between fans


The video of Friday night's brawl after a Little League baseball game in Columbus has reached televisions across the country, but many parents are wishing more people would focus more on the kids and their sport than the fight.

"We've been playing out here for four years, and I have never encountered something like that," said Little League parent Sabine Ashe. "I mean you always hear some people making unnecessary remarks but nothing to the point where they are punching and fighting."

Ashe was shocked when she heard that a fight broke out between fans after the district championship between the Northern All-stars and the Harris County All-stars.

"I think that our focus should be on nothing but the kids," she said. "I think we should ban parents that act like that from the venue."

Georgia District 8 Little League Administrator Bernard Ashley said even with all the national attention, this is not normal for the league. He said sportsmanship is always emphasized to the players and coaches.

"Before each tournament, we have a meeting with all the coaches and we go over what is acceptable and what is not acceptable," Ashley said. "But, we don't meet with the parents and maybe we should."

The Northern All-Stars now head to the state tournament in Atlanta. Ashley said he is proud of the players' actions on the field despite the fans' fight.

"They [the players] even got together," he said. "They had a group photo made with both teams. Both teams made a victory lap carrying the district banner that Northern had just won."

Ashley said he is working to have the two men cited in the fight banned from future events. The two men will appear in Recorder's Court on August 16.

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