Phenix City redistricting will impact voters

Phenix City redistricting will impact voters

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Phenix City has made a few changes when it comes to its voting districts, leaving some voters confused.

Election Day in Phenix City is August 28, but before residents head to the polls, they need to know they may be voting in a different district.

"Per the city charter, after each census, if there is a shift or change in the population, we have to go back and look at the districts and try to make them as even, population wise, as possible," said Charlotte Sierra, Phenix City clerk.

Sierra said more people in the city called for districts one, two, and three to be changed slightly.

"When the figures for the 2010 census came in, there was a shift and change in population from 28,000 to 32,800," Sierra said. "When we saw that, the city manager was tasked per the city charter to go back and redistrict."

The city is now making sure to let all voters know of the change.

"Now that it is getting closer to the election," Sierra said, "what I have done is I've gone through and we've made a list of those persons, those registered voters affected by the change, and we've drafted letters and we've sent all those out to inform them that their districts have changed."

If you are still confused about which district you are now a part of, Sierra said Phenix City officials have created several different ways to check it out.

"We have district maps and lists posted at each polling place," she said. "We also have the information listed on our website. If they have any other questions, there is still some [uncertainty] about it, they can always call my office and we can look up their addresses tell them exactly what district they need to go to."

If you have not been informed of your redistricting or you still have concerns, you can visit the Phenix City website for more information.

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