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Parents worried fight could hurt Little League fundraising


Some parents in the valley are worried that national attention to a fight after a Little League game in Columbus is hurting the kids' chances of raising funds for tournaments.

For many teams in Columbus, every season it takes donations from the community to help with expenses at state tournaments. Now, some parents are concerned that a fight after a Little League game between fans on Friday will hurt efforts to raise money this year.

Little League parent Sabine Ashe said her child has already seen that happen.

"I know my son has encountered people that I think are very immature, and they are like, ‘Well just tell your parents not to fight or was that your team that fought?'" said Ashe.

Ashe was shocked like many others to see this video of fans fighting after the district championship between the Northern All-Stars and Harris County All-stars, but she wants the attention to be turned to the kids instead.

"We should be focused on our kids making it to the state championship," she said. "They won! Or, hey, our kids lost, but they showed good sportsmanship, and they are celebrating that they got this far."

Georgia District 8 Little League Administrator Bernard Ashley said he has heard from some parents concerned about fundraising.

"I said it very possibly will in some instances because you could walk up asking for donations or go into a business and they say, 'Are y'all the ones in the fight?'" Ashley said. "They don't want to give a donation. But, I don't know that that has happened."

Ashley said he does not think all the attention will have a long-term affect on little league in our community.

"It will all blow over and we will be back to normal before next season starts," said Ashley.

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