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Verizon Wireless brings faster 4G network to Columbus


New cell phone technology is now in Columbus.  Thursday, Verizon Wireless will officially launch its 4G LTE wireless data service in 33 new markets, including Columbus.

The new technology will allow you to do anything on your phone in about half the time.

"On 3G the time it took you to download one song, you can download an entire album; on 4G in a fraction of that time," said Matt Clayton, Verizon Wireless store manager. "So, you're looking at a song for four seconds. You're looking at uploading a brand new photo in six seconds; and, downloading that 10 MB Power Point in 25 seconds."

Customers with 4G connectivity devices will seamlessly move from the existing 3G network to the 4G network.

Clayton added if your current phone does not have 4G capabilities, you will need to upgrade to experience the new technology.

"You're talking about streaming video face to face as clear as we are right now looking at each other," Clayton said. "You're talking about streaming up to HD with no lag or no buffering."

The new technology will not be an enhancement on the current 3G network.

"We are adding new equipment onto our towers we are not enhancing our 3G in any way," Clayton said. This is an entirely new network which will be the global standard in years to come."

Verizon's 4G LTE network is now in 337 markets nationwide.  In addition to Columbus, residents in Phenix City and Smith Station, AL will be able to reap the benefits of this new network too.

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