Albany police department unveils new license plate readers

ALBANY, GA (WTVM) - New crime-fighting technology is now on the streets in south Georgia.

Mobile license plate readers went into use today on four patrol cars.

The cameras read license tags and instantly check the numbers for violations such as suspended registration, no insurance or outstanding warrants. A tone alerts an officer if there's a problem.

Police say it's an extra set of eyes to help officers watch the streets and catch lawbreakers.

"We know there are a lot of warrants in this community that have not been served," said Chief John Proctor of the Albany Police. "This allows the officers to engage those beyond what the sheriff's office and other agencies are doing. So it's an additional tool."

The tag readers cost $90,000 and were paid for with sales tax revenue.

They can read 1,800 license plates a minute and keep a record of where and when they were spotted, so officers go can go back there if they find a problem later.

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