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EDITORIAL: Keep the Truth


There are activists in Tennessee demanding that any reference to the fact that some of our forefathers owned slaves be removed from the states school text books. 

They want keep our forefathers reputation spotless and without any negative connotation. 

One state has already changed their text books to cleanse the record of our forefathers. The founders of our country were great, visionary men who built an incredible way of life for us all.

A lot of them were farmers with large plantations and a lot of them did, indeed, own slaves. 

That is a fact that cannot be disputed and cannot be ignored. History is history and we cannot pick and choose what we want to teach in our classrooms based on our own preferences and bias. 

Let's tell our kids the truth and let them draw their own conclusions. Let's make sure our kids know the difference between a fairy tale and the truth.

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