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How fitting history is sometimes! Did you know John Adams and Thomas Jefferson incredibly died on the same day - July 4th, 1826? 

One more great man, an accomplished American has also now died on that highest of holy days for Americans -- the day we celebrate the birth of our nation. His name is Aaron Cohn. 

He was a judge here in Columbus for 46 years.  Words cannot fully detail the impact Aaron Cohn had on the lives of the young people who came into his court as accused offending "juveniles", but who were treated as "children" - children who made mistakes but who needed a break in life and who needed someone in high authority to care.  

Aaron Cohn was that person to thousands of children and thousands of families - like a teacher or a pediatrician, serving the children was his calling.  
Perhaps it was with some kind of divine intervention that Aaron Cohn's life ended on the same day as Jefferson and Adams -- both signers of the Declaration of Independence and who all died on the Fourth of July.

The next time something really big and important is built here in Columbus, we'd recommend that it be namednot after a former politician, but after the one man and one great American - who, like adams and jefferson, made a world of difference in his own way as Muscogee County Juvenile Court Judge and lifelong Columbus-native, Aaron Cohn. 

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