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Parents: Still tension, one week after little league brawl


It's been a little more than a week since a little league brawl at Britt David Park in Columbus made national news, and people in the Fountain City are still talking about it.

News Leader 9 went back to Britt David Park Sunday night, where some baseball parents say tensions were still high.

The Friday night brawl between parents at a little league game at Britt David Park, earlier this month, is still on the minds of parents.

"It's not the kids it's the parents," said spectator Rhonda Greathouse. 

"I think it can't help but to put a little damper on [the game]," said father of a player Curt Thompson. "I mean a lot of these kids, especially little league, they're more interested in what they're going to have for a snack after the game then what's going on around it."

The fight involved a different team in a different league, but at this Sunday night's game between West Georgia Gray and West Georgia Gold, some parents said they could still feel a little tension in the air.

"At the beginning of this game, I felt like there was a lot of tension but now I don't feel as much. But, it was tension building up before we even played each other," said Greathouse.

Greathouse says part of the problem, during this game, came from a potentially unsanctioned sign hanging on the fence.

 "They had the sign up there and I didn't even know it was there and I had some of the board members to call me in that parents on the other team were complaining," Greathouse said.

But, there were no arguments and the sign was taken down and an injured player from West Georgia Gray wore it around his neck instead.

Thompson says they don't want forget what the game is about.

"I think we have to remind ourselves- in that case I think the kids were 12 years old- it's little league baseball.  And, even for our age group kids are 14, these aren't major leaguers, they aren't getting paid to do this. You know it's supposed to be fun." 

"I hate it that it [occurred] in front of the kids but I mean a lot of things just happen. You've got the parents that get really involved. If somebody says something about your team and that upsets you, you want to get involved and tell them how you feel about it," said Greathouse.

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