Group urges voters to "Boot the Board"

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - While candidates for the Muscogee County School Board are preparing to answer your questions during a community forum on Tuesday, some are drawing attention to new ads encouraging voters to "Boot the Board."

The group's website claims it is a non-partisan Political Action Committee. The videos that have been running as television ads say the Muscogee County School Board has been embarrassing the community and making poor decisions that hurt the child.

"It's more of a shadow organization. They aren't identifying who's funding it or who started it," said Muscogee County School Board Member, District 5 Rob Varner.

Varner says not all the information in the ads is presented accurately by the anonymous group.

"[Things like] claiming that I made a proposal to increase the millage rate which is simply not true," said Varner.

Another Muscogee County School Board incumbent, Pat Hugley Green says she has only heard about the ads. Green encourages voters, if they have concerns, to address candidates personally.

"It's really best for the voters to not depend on someone from the outside. If they have any questions or concerns it is best to address them with the source," said Hugley Green.

Her challenger for District 1, Al Stewart, says he does agree with some parts of the commercials, especially the questioning of Interim Superintendent John Phillips' pay.

"There are others that have been a superintendent that we could have chosen that would have been much cheaper. So, we could have put the money in other places such as no furlough days for teachers," said Stewart.

While Varner denies proposing higher property taxes right now, his District 5 opponent, Brian McCabe sides with the video.

"A lot of what I saw, I believe it made sense. We're paying all this money, and they are wanting more tax money. In this economy, you don't want to pay another dime in tax money than I do," said McCabe.

No matter what is on the videos, Varner says the best thing for voters to do is to attend Tuesday's forum with school board candidates.

"If they do have some concerns about their school board and some of the candidates then I think that is the best opportunity they have is to come meet with us."

The forum will take place at the Columbus Public Library off Macon Road at 6:00 PM on Tuesday.

It's open to the public and News Leader 9's Chuck Leonard will be moderating.  We will also live stream the forum on

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