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Gun sales increase as world leaders negotiate strict gun laws


It's 2008 all over again. People are now trying to take advantage of gun sales in case gun  laws become tougher.

"They are going to sign off on the UN Small Arms Treaty, which would basically make international law and the laws of the UN apply to the United States," Jon Mcmullen said. 

The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty would put tighter restrictions on what weapons go in and out of the the country. McMullen says while the Treaty may have folks up in arms crime still has the majority of people wanting guns.

"Other facets are simply self defense there are a lot of people, shaky economy that are worried about economically what the future holds and they want to be able to defend themselves and their families," McMullen said.

Gun dealers say women are their best customers. Walter Youngblood, a 10-year Army veteran,  is an avid shooter and says he's noticed the spike in women at the shooting range and buying guns.

"Its not just a pastime for males - more women are going out to the ranges, getting certified, and getting their license to carry. More women are getting handguns to carry for protection also," Youngblood said. 

If the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty passes the first type of guns that will most likely be pulled of the shelves are tactical weapons and some rifles. For now Jon Mcmullen says all gun laws remain the same.

"To buy a handgun you must be a resident of the state of Georgia if you are buying from a Georgia dealer. Bottom line whatever state you are a resident of you have to buy it from a dealer in your state," Mcmullen said.

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