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Man survives bad rattlesnake bite


A Georgia man ended up on the receiving end of a venomous snake bite while picking blueberries -- and it nearly cost him his life.

Jim Lane, 66, said the fight to live began as soon as he realized the fangs were in his leg. He managed to shoot the snake before it bit him again.

"I said, 'Oh, no buddy,' and I put the gun right down on top of his head and fired straight through his brain," Lane said.  

With blood oozing out of two puncture wounds, Lane said he took out his pocket knife and started cutting his leg.

"I opened my knife and I reached down and I stabbed to the bone, and then I did the same thing on this side," he said. "I stabbed to the bone and then I came up the bone two inches on that... that is what released that pocketed venom."

Standing in the middle of the field, Lane tried taking a step and fell to the ground.

"I was already, like I say, tingling and burning my whole body was on fire, blood was oozing from every part of me," Lane said.  

For 45 minutes he crawled toward his truck, where his cell phone inside the cab.  When he tried to unlock the door, he put in the wrong key and jammed the lock. 

"I said, 'Jim, you got to get out of here buddy you have to go.'"

So again he crawled, this time to the middle of the road.

"Where somebody would either have to stop and help me or run over me one, and at that point it just didn't matter," he said. "I was to the point I was ready to go."

Fifteen minutes later, a brother and sister coming down the mountain from a hike saw Lane.

Once Lane was airlifted to the hospital, doctors had to bring him back to life three times. 

Lane said he plans to skin the snake and make a hat out of it to let everyone know about his triumph over the rattlesnake.

Lane said he fought to stay alive for his wife.

"I am so thankful I'm alive today," he said. "I'm so thankful God gave me another second to be with my wife. I am thankful he is where he is and I am where I am."

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