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Local movie fans react to Colorado shooting


It is a scene many people not just in Colorado but across the country will never forget.

What was supposed to be a fun night at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises turned deadly with dozens of people shot.

In Columbus, people are still talking about the tragedy.

"I have friends who live up there. So, the first thing was to get on the phone and make sure they were okay. And, just the fact that this was another tragedy," said Darrell McCreary, describing what he did when he heard the news.

McCreary and many other movie fans heading to see the newest Batman movie say they are not going to let the shooting keep them away from the theaters.

"It did scare me a bit, but I think we're going to be okay. I think that was just an isolated incident, and we're going to be okay," said Lea Dean before heading to see to new movie.

Carmike Cinemas officials in Columbus say they have security measures in place and do have the right to check guests' bags before entering theaters.

Columbus police say they will continue their normal patrols around theater locations, and they will be extra vigilant.

At the National Infantry Museum, where many fans will be enjoying the new movie at the Imax theatre, normal security guards in the lobby of the museum and theatre will be on heightened alert.

Most movie fans say they are confident in the safety of local theaters.

"I feel our Columbus theaters are safe. You know there is always that risk every time that you go out in public no matter where you are, going to a restaurant or a movie theater," said Greg Ward.

For many fans, the most important thing right now is remembering the victims and their families.

"All my prayers go out to the families and all the people that are injured. I hope that they have a speedy recovery, and I just hope they can get through this tough time in their lives," said McCreary.

Many local theaters are reminding people that guns and weapons are not allowed. Officials ensure guests they are taking every measure to keep them safe.

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