Soldier honored for saving flood victim

Soldier honored for saving flood victim

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WTVM) - A solider assigned to the U.S.  Army Material Command was recognized near Huntsville today for his bravery.

Lieutenant Colonel Jimmie Bowie was presented the Soldier's Medal for saving the life of a woman trapped in her car during flooding back in April.

Melissa Wheeler was heading home when she was detoured and drove through rushing water.

"I didn't know what to do," Wheeler said. "I was like, am I going to be out here all night until somebody happens to find me in the morning. All I can say is thank God for Lt. Col Bowie because there is no telling what would have happened if he hadn't come by or he decided not to come up."

A few hours later, Lt. Col. Bowie saw Wheeler trapped and rescued her.

"Of course all instincts say not to go into flood waters," Lt. Col. Bowie said. "It was pitch black couldn't see anything I continued to go as slow as I could so I could feel if I was going off the side of the road. By this time the water is in the floor board of the truck, which is a tall truck, I got close enough and could see then somebody was in the car. The car was off on the left side half the car was down in the water."

The Soldier's Medal is the highest honor a solider can receive for an act of valor in a non-combat situation.

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