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EDITORIAL: Georgia & Alabama Medicaid

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In less than 4-months, the governors of Georgia and Alabama have to make difficult decisions on the massive expansion of their Medicaid programs.                          

When the Supreme Court upheld almost the entire federal health care overhaul, it gave them the option to opt out of a huge expansion of federal dollars going into state Medicaid programs. 

Both Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and Alabama Governor Robert Bentley want more information from the feds on how it will work and they wonder if their states can afford their shares of the cost.  

While the federal government will foot 100% of the bill for the first 3- years the state's will eventually pick up 10% of the costs. 

Tens of billions of dollars are at stake --- dollars that would go into the health care of millions of residents in both states - mostly poor adults.  In Georgia alone, 1-in-5 residents do not have health insurance. 

Our hope is that the governors don't dismiss the massive federal assistance that other governors have done on what appears to be on pure politics. 

Our hope is that prudent decisions are made here in Georgia and Alabama because there is no greater responsibility for government than to secure the health and welfare of its citizens.

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