NY honors man for catching girl

NEW YORK, NY (WTVM) - The man who rescued a 7-year-old girl from a potentially fatal fall last week has been honored for his bravery.

Steven St. Bernard received a $1,000 "thank you" check from New York state senator Eric Adams in a ceremony that took place during a Coney Island Cyclones game over the weekend.

Bernard, 52, suffered a torn tendon in his left arm following his heroic catch, but that didn't stop him from throwing out the first pitch.

"Real good," he said. "I feel real good knowing that I did that. I have my daughter right here and my grandson and I just think about them. If someone else was there, I would hope they would do the same thing."

Bernard was walking home Monday July 16 when he saw the girl standing on top of an air conditioning unit three stories up. When she fell shortly afterwards, Bernard was there to catch her with open arms.

Bernard said the girl, who has autism, is doing just fine. He said his arm is doing better too.

His check is a savings bond that will go toward his daughter's education.

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