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Controversy still surrounds a cross-shaped flowerbed in local park


A crowd gathered in front of Columbus City Council Tuesday night because months ago, what once was a flowerbed in the shape of a cross at Heath Lake Park changed to a rectangle.

Many folks, like George Wade, want the cross to return. He says this was the third time he has addressed council members over the issue and he will not stop until it's resolved.

"The satisfactory resolution is that the cross is there," said Wade.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson was adamant this was not a decision that was made by one person but by the ruling of the court system. She explains that no government within the United States can allowed any religious symbols in a public park.

"When we came together as a nation, we established three branches of government which provided the Supreme Court would interpret the Constitution on day to day issues and one of those issues is having religious symbols in parks, in public parks," said Tomlinson.

Discussion got heated at times between the crowd, the mayor, and council members. Even though Wade says he will not be happy until the cross returns, he feels like there was some progress made Tuesday.

"Well, I feel today that the councilmen are beginning to understand the urgency that needs to be addressed because the people are concerned about this," said Wade.

Many of those who want the cross to return say it is part of a memorial to a war veteran, but Tomlinson says they have no record that the cross was made at the same time as the marble and bronze monument.

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