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Auburn's most notorious murderer, Edward Seibold, up for parole


East Alabama law enforcement officers are coming together to prevent the parole of one of the area's most notorious killers, that back in 1967 murdered three women inside an Auburn home.

Just after midnight, back in September of 1967, Edward Seibold barged into this home on Gardner Drive.  Armed with a hatchet and a shotgun he targeted innocent women and children, committing one of the most heinous crimes in Alabama history. 

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones recalled the incident, "He went about the house methodically searching for Kathy Sinclair who he had dated at one time.  As he went from room to room he shot, stabbed or slashed anything that appeared to be a person.  Even to the point of shooting full sized doll in one room thinking it was a person." 

Siebold shot and stabbed 9-year-old Mary Lynn Sinclair, killing her as she slept in her bed.  He also shot and stabbed and killed the little girl's best friend, 8-year-old Mary Durant, who was spending the night. 

He dragged 18-year-old Elizabeth Sinclair into the hallway demanding to know where her sister was.  Then, slit her throat and left her to die.

He also shot Juanita Sinclair, the girl's widowed mother, in the arm.  She survived. Kathy Sinclair and her younger sister, hid in the house then escaped.  Police say Siebold had a deadly obsession with Kathy after she ended their relationship.        

"The object of his anger, the person he actually went there to murder was in the house, but she managed to hid in the closet and was a witness to seeing her sister and sister's friend and her mother was shot... Seeing those three young women be murdered right in front of her eyes," explained Jones.

Auburn Police Chief Tommy Dawson recalled how the community changed forever.

"That's one of the reasons my dad would never allow us to spend the night away from home, because he would remind my mother of the Seibold murders and why we wanted the kids at home," said Chief Dawson.

Seibold was captured a month later, convicted and sentenced to die.  The death sentences were overturned. Now 45 years later, at 66 years old, Seibold is up for parole.

Local law enforcement officers will be present at the hearing to oppose his release.

"I am certain that everyone in Lee County would feel the same way that I do. This man should never draw a free breath, he should stay in prison for the rest of his natural life," said Jones.

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