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Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

The region is under a heat advisory as temperatures across the Valley hover around the triple digit mark.  The last thing you want to happen in this weather is for your car to break down and to be without air conditioning.  Tonight we've got some tips to help keep your vehicle in tip top shape during this sweltering heat.

Officers Try to Block Killer's Parole

Law enforcement officers in East Alabama are coming together to prevent the parole of one of the area's most notorious killers. We'll tell you who he was convicted of killing more than forty years ago and why authorities are so adamant about keeping him behind bars.

Colorado Shooting Suspect May Have Sent a Warning

New developments tonight as police in Colorado build their case against the former grad student accused of a mass shooting at a movie theater.  Authorities now say suspect James Holmes may have sent a notebook to university officials several days before the shooting, describing what he planned to do.

Tonight's Most Wanted

Muscogee County Sheriff's deputies are looking for an accused child molester who failed to register.  Tonight how you can help put him behind bars in our Most Wanted report.

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