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High temperatures could hurt your car


It is July, and it supposed to be hot, but right now, it feels even hotter than normal. We are under a heat advisory across the valley with it feeling like up to 110 degrees at times on Wednesday!

Experts say the heat can take a toll not just on you, but on your car too.

"If you're stranded somewhere, you could be standing out in the heat for a long time waiting for help somewhere," said Ginny Schelley while as her car was being serviced at White's Automotive Center.

Harold White owner of White's Automotive Center in Columbus says the high temperatures have brought a lot of customers in mostly asking about air-conditioning.

"People are complaining about the heat and the air-conditioning is not quite performing just enough," said White. "So, a lot of times we do a service and some other things that may be a problem is cabin air filters. If they get clogged up that will reduce the amount of air flow in the car which could make your air-conditioning not feel as nice."

You also need to make sure your battery is okay.

"When you get high heat, a weak battery will fail completely just like it does in the winter," White said. "Most people remember in the winter, but they forget about the summer. Heat can do the same thing to your battery."   

White says it is always a good idea to make sure your tires are not low on air pressure.

 "Low on air pressure will increase the heat build-up in your tire when you are driving down the road, and of course, if you've got really hot pavement on a really hot day that's not a good thing to have," said White.

Finally, it seems small, but just cracking your window can save you some cash.

"If you crack it you know just a half an inch that can reduce the interior temperature of your car. Not only will that make it a little bit more comfortable to get into, but it can also protect your dash and keep it from cracking and peeling," said White.

White says that if anyone is planning on make a last minute trip before school starts in a few weeks that it is crucial to get a check-up for your car to make sure everything is working properly.    

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