Greg Henderson sentencing delayed; Henderson: "I never intended to hurt anybody"

LEE COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - The man convicted of running down and killing a Lee County Sheriff's Deputy was not sentenced on Friday as expected.

Judge Jacob Walker delayed sentencing Gregory Henderson to life without parole or death by lethal injection for the capital murder of Deputy James Anderson. Henderson ran over Deputy Anderson with his car during a traffic stop in 2009.

The delay came as prosecutors and the defense argued over recently taped jailhouse phone conversations between Henderson and two others.

The defense objected to the relevance of the calls, so the judge delayed sentencing and gave both sides time to prepare their arguments.

Henderson did not testify at his capital murder trial a year ago, but testified at his sentencing on Friday that he had been up nine days on a meth bender and had gotten lost when he had pulled into a driveway to turn around.

He claimed he never saw the patrol car or Deputy Anderson until it was too late.

"I pulled into the drive way and turned around," Henderson said. "I pulled in front of the tree, then backed up and went to pull forward. I saw the blue lights and James Anderson and he had a gun and was slapping the hood of the car. It was too late to stop the car, it had rolled over top of him."

Deputy Katie Bonham was with Deputy Anderson and witnessed his death. She shook her head and wiped tears during Henderson's testimony.

"I want everyone to know here, all the officers that are here, family members, you know it was an accident, I never intended to hurt anybody," Henderson said. "I know it is a great loss for both sides, my family, your family whatever happens here I will accept it, but I want you to all know I am sorry and please forgive me."

District Attorney Robbie Treese said he understood the judge's decision to give both sides more time to argue the validity of the jail house phone calls.

However, Treese said the delay is frustrating for him and Deputy James Anderson's family.

A new sentencing date has not been set.

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