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What you need to know before heading to the polls


On Tuesday, voters, like Raijeim Douglas will head out to one of 27 voting precincts in Columbus to cast their vote.

"If you don't put your voice out there and actually put your vote in there, then you really don't have anything to complain about," said Douglas.

Nancy Boren, the Director of Elections and Voter Registration in Columbus, says there are a few things you need to know before you go to the polls. First, because of the 2010 census, district maps were re-worked some.

"[The maps include ones] for Congress, Senate, House of Representatives, council, and school board. So, people may see different names on their ballot than what they are accustomed to seeing," said Boren.

However, she says your precinct will stay the same. Boren also says you need to know which ballot you want. She says this will not affect you this November. You will only be tied to your ballot if there is a run-off election in August.

"The non-partisan ballot will only have judges, council, and school board. The Republican and the Democratic ballots will have the party candidates as well as the non-partisan candidates that will appear on the non-partisan ballot," said Boren.

Finally, if you pick a Republican or Democratic ballot, you will see some poll questions for feedback only. Boren says each party wrote their own questions so they will differ.

"People are really upset about those. They don't understand that they are non-binding opinion polls. The only thing that is binding is the T-SPLOST question, and it is clearly identified as a special election question," said Boren.

T-SPLOST, or transportation special purchase local option sales tax, would levy an additional 1% sales tax in the 16 counties in our region, the River Valley Region, to pay for transportation projects.

Precincts will open at 7:00am and will close at 7:00pm. We will have full coverage of the July st  elections on our sister station FOX 54 at 10pm and News Leader Nine at 11 pm.  


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