Ga. woman sickened by dog saliva, bone marrow weakened by cancer

(WTVM) - A Georgia woman who's survived cancer twice is now battling something doctors believe she got from man's best friend.

Hannah Rinehart is in a drug-induced coma in an Atlanta hospital after contracting a rare infection believed to have come from their family dog.

While in the coma, Hannah developed circulatory issues which led to doctors having to amputate the 32- year-old's hands and feet.

Now family members are preparing for her to awaken to a new world.

"They saved her life and that's the good news," said her father Doug Johnson. "That she is alive and she is with us."

Her husband Mark has been asked if they plan to keep their puppy. He says they love their dog and that he knows the family pet clearly did not intend to make Hanna sick.  Whether the dog stays or goes is a conversation he plans to have with his wife when she gets home from the hospital.

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