Ga. woman kills kidnapper

Ga. woman kills kidnapper

CLAYTON COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - A woman who says she was abducted and raped is out of harm's way after taking things into her own hands.

Neighbors recall seeing a woman flagging down a driver outside a house in Clayton County, but didn't know what had happened.

Police say the woman told them she was kidnapped from her home in Cobb County and brought to a home where she says she was raped.

Police say sometime in the early morning hours she was able to get her hands on a gun and started firing.

"I can't even imagine being put in that situation, no matter what has happened, having to take another life, but like I said, when you're in a desperate situation it calls for very desperate measures,"said a neighbor.

The man died from the gunshots. Police have not released his name, nor have they said who the gun belonged to or how she got her hands on it.

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