Muscogee Co. Board of Education prepares for a new school year

MUSCOGEE COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - With only two weeks before the beginning of a new school year, leadership positions that had been vacant for months are now filled.

The Muscogee County Board of Education held a called board meeting at the Public Education Center on Tuesday regarding personnel appointments for the 2012-2013 school year.  Officials appointed six candidates to the various leadership positions for the upcoming year.

Goals have been set and with Muscogee County's staggering $279 million budget for this year, the board plans to bring all necessary supplies and new technology to the classroom.

James Walker, who currently holds the District 3 seat on the Muscogee County School Board, knows how important it is for students to have the latest in technology.

"We need to make sure the children get the equipment that they need to become proficient and learn what needs to learned in order to become good, excellent students going forward, going to college or wherever they decide to go," explains Walker.

Many new projects have been added to the to-do list.  The new Carver High School is already setting the bar with the installation of smart boards in every classroom and having the ability to assign each student their own Netbook.

Pat Hugley Green, who currently holds the District 1 seat on the Muscogee County School Board, is excited for the start of other projects around the county.

"What we are looking forward to in our future is finishing up this complex here on Macon Road. We have a performing arts school that is on the list. We have technology that is on the list. We will have smart boards in every single classroom… We have a lot of things going on in District 1 and the entire city," says Green.

With a new school year on the horizon, the Muscogee County school board officials see nothing but the continuation of positive improvements to the county's education system.

"I know what good things we do, what good things have done, and things we will continue to do as we move forward," Walker insures.

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