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Heated words between Muscogee County sheriff candidates


On Friday, all the ballots, including military absentee and provisional, for Tuesday's primary election showed incumbent John Darr beating Pam Brown by 71 votes to represent the Democratic Party in the race for Muscogee County Sheriff this November.

After the numbers came back, Brown had something to say to her opponent.

"We ran a tight race, and I hope that he did not retaliate against employees that he felt were friends of mine because I worked there for 24 years, and the majority of the sheriff's office, we worked together. But, when you are going to retaliate against an employee just because he felt they supported me, that's wrong," said Brown.

Darr says he has told his employees to support who they wanted in the race.

"Ms. Brown has some misinformation. And, you know that is sad that she thinks that misinformation is true. And, that's what I was trying to tell her. And, she knows it is not true, and that's unfortunate, but this politics and this campaign from a lot of people that she's involved with was misinformation and lies," said Darr.

Darr says it has been a tough few days waiting for Friday's results.

"I'm excited. This is this is how I thought it was going to end up from the very beginning. So, I am relieved that's the result we have," said Darr.

Republican candidate for Muscogee County Sheriff Mark LaJoye was also waiting to hear the outcome on Friday.

"I've been on pins and needles. I haven't slept very well for the last three days. But, it is interesting. It is interesting to go through this process. I hope we don't go through this process when the general election comes in November," said LaJoye.

Brown says the Democratic race might not be over yet.

"Studying these precincts and probably ask for a recount," said Brown.

Officials say that because the difference between the two candidates' votes is less than 1%, Brown has two business days to ask for a recount.

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