Bats make their way back to Harris County school

HARRIS COUNTY, GA (WTVM) - Some pesky critters keep finding their way into one Harris County school only to get booted out time after time. More bats were recently found inside Park Elementary.

This time, an area near the lunch room was the hangout spot for the black critters which were sighted on Friday and a few more were seen yesterday in the same area, said Superintendent Craig Dowling.

The building was inspected on Friday by Jason McFarland, co-owner of Rid-A-Critter, a private contractor. McFarland added he believes, 15 to 20 bats were inside the school. "I installed a 'check valve' which allows the bats to exit on their own without being able to trace their way back to the same spot, since they are creatures of habit. They like to return to the same areas."

The bats are believed to be all cleared out by now. Dowling says parents and students have nothing to worry about.

"We got rid of them," Dowling said. "The building has been inspected and a check valve, I call it a trap…it lets them out and they can't come back in. So, as far as we know, everything is clear."

Two years ago, bats were found in the school bus stop area, according to McFarland. He is planning to re-inspect the school within two week.

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