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Local girl appears on TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras


It is a show that you either love or hate. TLC's Toddlers & Tiaras causes jaws to drop with outgoing young girls dressed to impress and competing in pageants across the country.

Now, Smiths Station's Deseray Stone is one of those girls.

"It is work, but pretty soon you get used to it, and you are like okay same routine. Dress, make-up, hair," said Deseray.

Featured in Wednesday night's episode, Stone shows off her best pageant walk and smile fighting for the title at the Georgia's Most Beautiful Girl pageant in Atlanta.

"My favorite part about pageants is doing it just to raise money for the community and trying to help other people," said Deseray.

However, the show has drawn some controversy with people criticizing what they say are obsessed pageant parents that dress their child too much like adults.

"She wears pretty-skirts and cute little tops, but she doesn't wear anything that might look not age appropriate," said Deseray's mom Deiry.

The mom says the show can make the parents look crazier than what they really are. For her daughter's pageant goals, they do not spend thousands of dollars on dresses. She makes everything her daughter wears.

Deseray has been in pageants since she was a toddler, but her mom says she is not the one pushing her to compete.

 "The moment that she decides she wants to try something new then I'm on board doing something new. It is not a big thing for us. Just like I said, we don't always win and it is not about winning for us. I just want her to have fun," said Deiry.

But, Deseray says she will not be ending anytime soon. She has her eyes set on the ultimate title.

"Maybe even Miss America."

 Deseray competed against Georgia's famous Alana better known as "Honey Boo Boo" who has a new reality show on TLC. When we asked what she thought of "Honey Boo Boo," Deseray says she definitely has personality.

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