WTVM 8/9/12 Editorial: TSPLOST Breakdown

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - We heard a lot about the special transportation tax over the past few weeks, and now that it's passed, this is what it means.

First off, only three of Georgia's twelve regions approved the one-percent sales tax.

One of those three was the River Valley region which includes over a dozen counties including Muscogee, Chattahoochee and Marion counties.

It's a one-percent sales tax increase for 10 years starting in five months, in January of 2013.

All of the money raised will stay in our region.

Local decision-makers have already determined how a lot of the money is to be spent.

The $594 million for our region will go to projects like $47 million on the Buena Vista road interchange, $58 million for Cusseta and old Cusseta Road improvements, and $40 million for widening parts of US-27 in Harris County.

With the average Georgian annually spending about $15,000 in our region, the tax will mean an extra $150 in annual sales tax to expand and improve our roadways.

Now that it's passed, let's hope the promises of thousands of jobs and a smoother ride to grandma's house pays off handsomely.

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