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Gas prices on the rise again


Every time you blink, it seems it costs more and more to fill up your car. The reality is gas prices have been on the rise.

A little more than a month ago, the average price in our area was area $3.17 at the pump. Now, you're paying about $3.50 per gallon for regular unleaded fuel.      

The prices are not just hurting drivers at the pump.

"As the fuel goes up, there is surcharge on top of shipping. There is extra surcharge on the products being built. So, it does affect the price of the overall product," said Charles Paul with Columbus Camper Center.

Paul says they have not seen a decrease in sales, but the cost of shipping RV's to their lot in Columbus could go up by about $300 dollars per unit because of gas prices.

So, what is behind the roller coaster of prices? Gary Buschman with Fletcher Oil Company in Columbus says there are a few reasons.

"There was a pipeline leak up in the Midwest, and the pipeline was shut down for I think it was about 12 days which caused a logistic nightmare. It is not so much a demand problem we're having right now its supply. They are not getting the supply where it is supposed to be."

A fire on Monday at a Chevron refinery in California and oil companies are looking at prices in the European market are both factors contributing to the higher gas prices according to Buschman.

The gas expert says he joins drivers across the country hoping for lower costs to fill up soon.

"I wish I had a crystal ball. I'm thinking that the prices are probably going to hold pat some until maybe after Labor Day, and I'm hoping like everybody else that maybe they'll start a little bit after Labor Day," said Buschman.

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