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WTVM 8/15/12 Editorial: Frank Martin


A good friend has passed away.

Frank Martin has been someone I have admired and looked up to for the last ten years.

Those of you who have lived in Columbus for a long time know Frank better than I did, but I really learned to respect Frank as a man of care and character.

He loved his hometown and the people who live here. He had a great sense of compromise and ability to bring folks together to find a solution.

Columbus would not be the town it is today had Frank not been our mayor in the early nineties.

I recently witnessed Frank as he helped a young juvenile who had gotten herself in trouble with law enforcement.

Frank passionately guided her through her troubles in the court system and offered her life-changing advice and counsel.

I was really impressed with how he bridged the age gap and could speak to her at a level she could understand.

I will miss Frank, and I will continue to use his life as an example for myself and others to follow.

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