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Widow warns about the dangers of West Nile after husband's death


West Nile Virus is spreading at an all-time high. Twenty-six people have been killed nationwide, and there's been at least one confirmed case in Muscogee County. The local health department told us that another possible case is being investigated in our area.

Two years ago, Velma Day's husband Johnny died after being infected with the West Nile Virus. Velma says everything started with a fever and went down hill from that point.

"Then all of sudden on August the 8 we put him in the hospital and 3 days later he couldn't even talk or do anything, and he stayed in there almost 3 months and we brought him home and died on December the 9," Day said.

That was in 2010. Today, Velma just wants others to be mindful of the harmful effects that West Nile Virus can have snatching loved ones away at the blink of an eye.

"People need to be concerned about it and they just need to take proper precautions to protect themselves against it," Lookwood said.

Jack Lookwood with the Columbus Health Department says there are a number of symptoms to be on look out for with West nile Virus.

"Headache fever, nausea, vomiting, they could develop a skin rash on their chest or on their back."

Lockwood also says that mosquito are most active at dusk and dawn and says that people show consider staying indoors at those times. Velma day agrees and says that families who have loved ones with the disease need lean on each other.

"Just do the best you can that's all you can. Stay inside if you can because those mosquito are bad they made a believer out of me," Day said.

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