WTVM 8/16/12 Editorial: School Lunches

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Most kids in our area are back at school after a summer of vacations, camps, and probably eating lots of junk food.

It's OK to splurge sometimes, but what's not OK is that Georgia's childhood obesity rate is the second highest in the United States. Forty percent of children in the state are obese or overweight.

First and foremost, parents have to keep an eye on what their kids eat. And are they getting exercise versus playing video games?

Second, the school lunches being provided to 1.6 million Georgia students need to be healthier. The good news is, there are changes now at your child's cafeteria that should get a thumbs-up from moms and dads.

In Muscogee County, the school district will improve on healthy food options over the next three years, offering portion sizes recommended by the 2010 dietary guidelines for Americans. Starting this year, kids will see more whole grain rich-foods, more fruits and veggies, and age-appropriate portion sizes for lunch.

For example, many students love pizza, but you can serve it with a whole grain crust.

The Muscogee County School Nutrition Program serves an average of 25,000 lunches and 8,000 breakfasts every day. So at school, they're not just learning in the classroom. We hope local kids are also learning how to eat right.

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