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Stewart County Commission accused of stealing taxpayer money


Where's the money?  

Woody Murrah has lived in Stewart County for more than ten years and he said for most of it, he's been fighting to stop officials from stealing money.

"We are concerned with political corruption in the county. We are concerned about our taxes going up constantly and never seeming to be quite enough and nobody accounting for the money spent," Murrah said.

Murrah is the chairman of the group Concerned Citizens of Stewart County. He said it's a lot of money spent, and no one seems to know where it went.

Over the course of 10 to 15 years, about $150,000 of taxpayer money went missing, that's according to a police report filed by officials Joseph Williams, Arcola Scott, and receptionist Mitzi House.

"By law, we have to give them the right to file a complaint," Murrah said. "Once they filed the complaint I told them we would have to have an independent audit before we could continue with the complaint."

Murrah calls some of the board members criminals and says he has proof that the money is being misused.  He says he will stop at nothing to get to the truth.

"I want an open and honest government. I simply want to know how much tax money you got this year, let's put that up on the table," Murrah said.

"It's just like a cloud hanging over your head and you can't move forward until you clear that up.  I think that's what a lot of people are concerned about," Chief Jackson said.

Jackson said before they proceed with the case they have to wait for the results of the audit.

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