Man with Gun: Bomb Threats at Local Theater- Coming up at 11

Good Evening I'm Barbara Gauthier in the WTVM Newsroom.  Here's a look at some of the stories we're working on tonight for News Leader 9 at 11.

Man with Loaded Gun and Bomb Threats at Local Movie Theaters

A man is arrested after police say he tried to bring a loaded gun and plenty of ammunition into a movie at Carmike 15 in Columbus.  But before that, a bomb threat had been called into Carmike's Columbus headquarters prompting searches at more than one hundred theaters across the country.  Police say the two incidents aren't connected and no bombs were found at any theater.  We'll tell you what Carmike is saying tonight about security at their theaters here at home.

Where's the Money?

There are allegations of misappropriation of funds in Stewart County -- we'll tell you why the GBI is now investigating.

Out of the Pool – Into the Frying Pan

Michael Phelps is in hot water with the U-S Olympic Committee.  Could he face sanctions or possible loss of his medals? So what are Olympic officials so upset about?  We'll show you.

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