Circuit court rules on immigration law

(WTVM) - A federal appeals court has ruled law enforcement in Georgia may verify the immigration status of criminal suspects who fail to produce proper identification.

The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said today that a hold blocking that section of the state's 2011 immigration law should be lifted.

A lower court must still rule on a challenge to the law by activist groups.

Monday's decision dealt only with preliminary injunctions.

Meanwhile, the 11th Circuit Court in part upheld, and in part said that much of Alabama's illegal immigration law would be struck down in court.

The opinion upheld sections relating to law enforcement checking citizenship.

The court ruled that the state has no right to check students' citizenship status in public school, a direct violation of equal protection under the law.

The court also ruled that the state has no right to block illegal immigrants from looking for work, having contracts nullified, or that they have to carry papers proving their citizenship.

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