AU researchers conduct public meetings concerning solid waste study

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The Alabama Department of Environmental Management along with the Department of Public Health has enlisted the help of Auburn University to compile a comprehensive review of Alabama's solid waste management program.

Governor Bentley placed a three year moratorium on the creation of permitting solid waste landfills in the state and now researches are trying to steer away from Alabama being primarily a landfill state.

"Comprehensive review of the Alabama solid waste program and the goal is to recommend changes to the law, changes to the regulatory rules for ADEM that might help enhance the solid waste management in this state," explains AU Associate Research Professor,  Dr. Joel Hayworth.

As part of this study officials are reaching out to the public in order to educate and hear opinions on how they believe solid waste is managed in Alabama.

"The project has several parts and part of the project is to gauge the public's input, to gauge their understanding, and also to get their input on, their concerns about how the solid waste is managed in the state," says Hayworth

Meetings are being held state wide focusing on two issues; what changes could be made to the permitting process and alternative ways to manage solid waste.

"The goal at the end of all these meetings are to take the information and condense it and make sense of it, and hopefully that will lead to some useful recommendations to the state," explained Hayworth.

The next meeting is to be held tomorrow, August 23rd, in Auburn at the Auburn University Student Center from 6 to 8pm and the public is encouraged to join.

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