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WTVM 8/22/12 Editorial: Geek the Library


You may have seen the billboards around town, showing prominent and everyday people in the community talking about what they "geek."

It's all part of a national campaign called "Geek the Library" and its goal is to spread awareness about the value of libraries and the importance of supporting them.

Libraries in Columbus, Auburn and Opelika are participating.

The "Geek the Library" campaign grabs people's attention, introducing the word "geek" as a verb, illustrating the fact that everyone is passionate about something, and your public library supports it all.

In this age of digital information and increased technology, library use over the years has declined, but if you haven't visited the library lately you might be surprised to learn that it's changed right along with the times.

You can still find books, magazines and movies, but the library is also the place for free computer and internet access. It's a jobs center, helping folks with online job applications and training; a resource for homework help; a meeting place for neighborhood groups, and much more.

Let's all show our support by reminding lawmakers how important libraries are, or perhaps by making a donation when we can.

Libraries serve everyone in the community, so be sure to head to one near you soon and get your "geek" on.

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