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"Geek the Library" helps raise awareness for local libraries


Whether it is zebras, jazz, or super heroes, people are "geeking" all kinds of things on billboards throughout Columbus.

It is all part of a national campaign called Geek the Library, a push to show just how important local libraries are to the community.

"Most libraries around the country are having to look at how they are changing and what they need to do to make, keep themselves relevant in the communities," said Linda Hyles with Chattahoochee Valley Libraries.

Hyles says with the changing technology these days, libraries are trying to keep up. You can check out movies at our Columbus libraries and you can "click out" audio books for your iPod for free.

However, the "I Geek" billboards are making the library even more aware of the things you want to see on their shelves.

"The library geeks the community. We love this community and we want to support this community and we want to give them what they want and need from us," says Hyles.

Hyles says you will see different faces on all the billboards from Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson and former Fort Benning Commanding General Carmen Cavezza to Children's Miracle Network motorcycle rider Scott Ressmeyer.

"There are a lot of resources there in the library that are at our disposal, and you know it is a beautiful facility to start with and to just go in there and be around all those books, it is kind of a neat feeling," says Ressmeyer.

The campaign will go on until November. So, what will you geek?

If you click on the following link and tell the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries what you geek, you could win a spot on a billboard.

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