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Be There: Helping kids eat healthy at school


For about a week, kids like Jayla Thomas and Cliff Tankersley throughout Muscogee County and the nation have been filling up their plates with healthier foods.

"I like fruit, and I like green beans and peas," said Thomas.

"I like to eat strawberries and fruit," said Tankersley

It is all part of the federal government's new guidelines getting school systems to put more fruits and vegetables on your child's lunch tray.

However, how can you make sure your child is eating these healthy options instead of just throwing them away?

"We encourage them to be healthy. We teach them in the classrooms. I go into the classrooms and I give them nutrition education and tell them why these fruits and vegetables are healthy," said Karen Davis, School Nutrition Director.

Davis said encouraging kids to eat healthier foods starts at home.

"Make it fun for them and tell them to eat spinach so they can get big and strong like Pop-eye or Superman. Eat your super food so you can be big and strong like Superman," said Davis.

She explained it is important you talk to your kids about having a balanced diet, especially now since one in three children in the United States are obese.

Davis said parents can do more than just talk; they need to set the example.

"At home if I am eating it myself, he is going to eat it too. If he sees me eating it then he is going to eat it as well," said Davis.

Even though it may be difficult getting some to eat healthy foods, others know it is good for them.

"So, we can be strong and healthy and eat healthy things," said Thomas.

We want to hear about ways you engage in your child's learning experiences. You can get a be there form at your child's school or by clicking on the following link.

Just fill it out, and turn it in at the office at your child's school.

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