New challenge in 2nd Congressional District race

(WTVM) - Candidate John House spent his first day on the campaign trail after winning the Republican nomination for 2nd Congressional District in Tuesday's primary runoff elections, challenging his November opponent.

The retired colonel is demanding congressman Sanford Bishop to release his income tax returns for the last 20 years.

"I think it's important for anybody whose serving in congress to be transparent with all the issues that deal with money whether its taxation and the federal deficit," House said. " I think it's important for that representative to release what he's made and paid."

House said he chose to ask for 20 years of tax returns because that's how long congressman Bishop has been in office.

Congressman Sanford Bishop says he will take John House up on his offer, but instead of presenting 20 years of tax returns, he'll only go back 10 years.

"Twenty is a little bit of ridiculous," Bishop said. "The IRS only requires 6 six year. We have 10 years and I'm happy to release 10 years, that's what the presidential candidates do"

House, a retired colonel and online university instructor, said he and his wife of more than 30 years will make their joint returns available next Tuesday. Bishop said he and his wife municipal court clerk Vivian Creighton Bishop file separately.

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