Victim’s father speaks out after deadly shooting at Sugar Mill

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A Columbus father is speaking out about the recent shooting death of his son at Sugar Mill Apartments.

William Cooper Jr. said his son Marcus Roberts, 42, was shot and killed Friday night during an apparent fight with his wife's boyfriend. He said he doesn't understand why the shooter has not been arrested yet.

Cooper said the couple was separated, but Roberts had visitation rights. That night, instead of picking up their 4-year-old son at a nearby gas station, Roberts went to the apartment.

"He had an arrangement where he was supposed to meet her," said Cooper. "He called, she didn't answer, and he went to the home and this happened."

Cooper said his son and the man got into a fight, which ended inside the apartment where Robert's wife lived at the Sugar Mill Apartments on Schomburg Road. Autopsy reports indicate Roberts was shot in the neck, but the bullet traveled to his chest area.

"I can't see him being aggressive unless someone had done something to him," said Cooper.

Cooper says he's also disturbed by the investigation.

"I feel terrible," Cooper said. "Even if it were justified...someone should have been arrested."

So far, police are still not talking about what happened the night Roberts was shot and killed. There has been no word if the shooter will be arrested, and police told News Leader 9 they are still investigating.

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