Chuck Leonard

Chuck Leonard

Chuck is a native of Birmingham, AL, where he began his broadcasting career in 1974. After several years in radio, Chuck joined WTVM in 1981 as co-host of the talk show, "Good Day."

In 1989, he was named weather anchor for the 6 p.m.. and 11 p.m. broadcasts of Action 9 News. He later switched to early morning news, and in 1994 was named co-anchor of News Leader 9 Morning.

Chuck can be seen weekday mornings at 5 a.m. on WTVM, along with Cheryl Renee and Greg Majewski.

In September 2014, the Southeast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences inducted Chuck into the distinguished Silver Circle, a society of honor. It recognizes television professionals with at least 25 years of service who've made significant contributions to the southern regional market.

In 1995, Chuck was honored by the Georgia Association of Broadcasters as "Best On-Air Television Personality." He was also named "National Radio Air Personality of the Year" in 1979 by the Poe Music Survey

Chuck and his wife Carole have two children.

His interests include baseball, trivia and soul music of the '70s.


What was your first job?

That depends. I got paid by a neighbor for hauling hay when I was a teenager. The pay wasn't great, but as my father told me, I was getting much-needed work experience. My first steady job was as a grocery store cashier. I learned a tough lesson in that position. A quick-change artist took me for $50, which I had to pay back to the store.

What is your favorite movie and why?

It used to be "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" because it's such a zany film and it always makes me laugh out loud. As I've gotten older, the emotional aspect of movies has become more important. For that reason, "Field of Dreams" is my favorite. Name one guy who doesn't  tear up  when Kevin Costner's character asks, "Dad, you want to have a catch"? I can recite the lines from this movie because it touches me that much.

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